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Speed the delivery of software to the high-side by enabling low-side development.

SHIFT is a 2020 Government Innovation Award winner. 

SHIFT is a leading SaaS/PaaS emulation and testing platform that emulates high-side, air-gapped and restricted Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Regions. It provides detailed feedback on interactions that your workload makes within these environments and most importantly, tells you how to fix your code – so it is guaranteed to execute in any target region.

Commercial software is not inherently designed to run in restricted and classified environments, where security must meet very strict standards. With SHIFT, your development team can expedite the launch of your commercial software in these restrictive cloud regions.


Build Low, SHIFT High

Custom Configuration

Allows users to customize their emulated region to include forecasting for future cloud services and features not yet available in the desired air-gapped region.

Dynamic SHIFT

Seamlessly switch between target emulated regions including AWS Secret Region, AWS Intelligence Community Region, AWS GovCloud, and Azure Government Secret, as well as between types of emulation environments.

Maintain Ownership

Keep control of your intellectual property by keeping workloads in your own cloud account, under your own security controls, boundaries, and monitoring.

Cross-Account Credentials

Integrate cross-account credential services into your workloads using our emulation of CAP and GEOAxIS, the Top Secret and Secret cloud credential providers.

Use Cases

Software Vendors and SaaS Providers

Air-gapped and restricted cloud environments are often a mystery to developers outside the public sector. SHIFT shows vendors how their application operates in air-gapped regions and allows vendors to maintain ownership of their product.

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) want to offer government customers best-of-breed commercial applications. Vendors need to see a return on their investment to provide their applications to customers on the high-side. SHIFT helps both the CSP and the vendor serve the end customer more effectively.


There are limited commercial applications available to the Intelligence and Nation Security communities. SHIFT enables these apps to work for federal customers, while opening the door for them to work with uncleared candidates and ultimately help to drive cloud adoption across the government.

System Integrators

With SHIFT, system integrators (SIs) can differentiate themselves by utilizing a hybrid mix of both cleared and uncleared personnel, provide a better avenue to 3rd party application integration in their solutions, use it as a training platform or enable telework.

How It Works

Create a SHIFT account

To get started with SHIFT, you can email for subscription information. Once subscribed, your account is registered and you can add additional users to your project based on the number of users you’ve purchased with your subscription.

Connect your AWS environment to SHIFT

Connecting with SHIFT is easy and virtually completely automated. If requested, a SHIFT expert will walk you through the set-up process – which should take less than ten minutes.

Begin testing

Once your AWS environment is connected to SHIFT, you can simulate the air-gapped environment!


Monthly or Annual

SHIFT subscriptions are available in a variety of options to support any project; we have Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise level tiers. The platform also comes with customizable user quantities, with just a single user license or user packs based on the scope of your work.

There is no annual commitment required, and we can provide pricing on a per-month basis.

Unlimited Testing Access 24/7
Knowledge Base

Custom support/consulting packages are available upon request.

Want a demo?

Get in touch to schedule your SHIFT demo or to get started today!
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