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Our solutions have helped federal customers implement scalable remote work solutions since long before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Scale Up in Minutes

Set up in days, and scale up in minutes! Altitude automates set-up, security and governance to ensure control of complex multi-cloud environments.


Build Low, SHIFT High

Speed the delivery of commercial software to the high side by enabling low-side development and remediation.


Focus on the Mission

Altitude takes the undifferentiated heavy lifting from your security and development teams so they can focus on the work that’s most important.


Work While You Wait

There are thousands of people waiting for their clearance. SHIFT allows them to work on mission-critical solutions from the comfort of their own home.


Secure, scalable remote work.

Applied Insight brings commercial innovations to national security customers. Our cloud products enable our customers to achieve faster software development, research, hosting and data analytics. Through highly advanced security and high-speed access methods, our cloud solutions enable remote work for missions that cannot wait.

Build low, SHIFT™ high.

Develop software on the low side, then SHIFT™ it to the high side. Our groundbreaking SHIFT™ platform emulates classified and restricted cloud environments. This means software can be developed, tested and remediated on the low side to ensure it is fully functional when executed on the high side.

SHIFT™ not only helps speed the delivery of new capabilities to classified projects, it extends the pool of available developers to include those working remotely and those without clearances. SHIFT™ is bringing innovation to the federal government by allowing adoption of best-of-breed commercial software.

Scale up in minutes with Altitude™.

Our research work in the Intelligence Community led to the development of Altitude Managed Cloud™, an infrastructure platform that sets up in days and scales up in minutes. Its built-in security and automated governance systems control access and ensure visibility across the enterprise, opening new possibilities for remote work, even on sensitive missions.

Altitude Managed Cloud™ automates and enforces budgetary restrictions, so there’s no “surprise” billing at the end of the month. Set-up is complete in a matter of days, and once operational, the fully automated system scales up or down in a matter of minutes.

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